Outer Space Transmitter

2021 – ongoing
Functional radio station


Outer Space Transmitter is a functional radio station, through which art is sent into space to get in contact with extraterrestrials. For this purpose, the artist trained as a radio operator, built a parabolic antenna, developed an extraterrestrial alphabet and wrote a manifest. Schulzek sees art as a cosmic language that can be extracted by extraterrestrials. She believes that every intelligent life form has the capacity for reflection and abstraction and must be understood as a creative life form. For Schulzek, the language of art represents the central key to communication with extraterrestrial beings.


Parabolic antenna, 2021
Steel powder coated, aluminum anodized
350 x 340 x 300 cm


Installation view, 2023, Museum Insel Hombroich (Raketenstation), Germany 

Radio operation table – Uplink 2.4 GHz, Downlink 10 GHz, signalcontrol via QO100 satellite, 2023




Document, radiocommunication licence of Mona Schulzek



Radio station, 2021; Installation view, 2021, Art Academy Düsseldorf, Germany

Transmitter feed – Uplink 2.4 GHz, Downlink 10 GHz, 2021

Transmitter box – signalcontrol via QO100 satellite, 2021



Outer Space Transmitter
in public space (2021 – 2022):

From top to bottom:
1       Berlin, Germany
2      Krakow, Poland
3      St. Pölten, Austria
4      Cologne, Germany
5      Graz, Austria
6      Cologne, Germany
7      Dortmund, Germany
8     Krems, Austria
9     Berlin, Germany
10   Cologne, Germany
11   Alicante, Spain