Entropic Material

I don’t produce material in my work. I produce concepts. Concepts that arise from my search for a connection, a link between human being and the universe. I see human being as cosmic matter that has the ability to reflect on itself and feels the urge to know who it is in this uncertain universe. I believe this urge stems from the fact that humans cannot resign themselves to going to dust like all the other matter in the universe, rather than recognising that humans are entropic material too.

My work is research based. I perceive art as a cosmical language that embodies a knowledge which can‘t be expressed in formulas or words. I believe that art needs to be considered as an independent form alongside science. Although, art and science are not opposites. They create new realities together. I believe that art and science have an influence on how people view themselves in the universe and determine their actions and impact on the world. Through my art, I try to combine both poles, art and science, in order to open up new perspectives on people and their perception of the universe.